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Whether you have been injured, suffered discrimination, was wrongfully terminated, or need to enforce a contract or collect a debt, the decision to involve the courts in your business or private affairs should not be taken lightly. Nor should your choice of law firms. Law Office of Koyer & Miller, PLLC will counsel you on the best approach to litigation, to get what you deserve as efficiently as possible. Often, expensive court battles can be avoided. But when suit is necessary, we will doggedly pursue your interests with legal knowledge and skilled advocacy at the negotiating table and in court.

Business Organization Services
Are you starting or growing a new business? Losing or taking on business partners? New York State recognizes many different kinds of business organizations, each with its own implications regarding taxation, individual liability, and the relationship between members or partners. Law Office of Koyer & Miller, PLLC will review your existing business structure, assess your goals, and help you choose the corporate or partnership form that best suits your needs. We then prepare the necessary documents, both for internal business governance and filing with the State, and ensure proper filing on your behalf so that you can focus on your core business.

Divorce And Family Law
Law Office of Koyer & Miller, PLLC offers a wide range of services in matrimonial and family law. We handle divorce, child custody, child support, abuse and neglect proceedings, and juvenile delinquency defense. Issues involving children and family are among the most sensitive and important issues we face. Disputes over marital assets or custody have emotional consequences for parents and children, and can have a direct impact on a child’s financial security. Sometimes, even a family’s physical security or safety may be threatened. When these issues arise, call on Koyer & Miller’s knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys to protect your interests, your assets and your children.

Municipal/Planning/Zoning Representation
The Law Office of Koyer & Miller, PLLC regularly handle municipal liability and zoning/planning issues for clients in Capital Region. With years of experience representing municipal governments, Koyer & Miller has expertise in many area of municipal law including labor law, building and code regulations, freedom of information law, tax assessments, contract law, zoning and planning and civil rights, to name just a few. The firm has represented public entities in litigated and non-litigated matters, from pre-lawsuit discovery proceedings through appeals. The firm has acted as litigation counsel for a variety of cities, towns, and villages.
The Law Office of Koyer & Miller, PLLC is well-versed in the particulars of pre-suit notice provisions, immunities, damages limits and privileges afforded to municipal and other government entities, and invoke them at the proper time to protect their clients’ interests. The cumulative effect of the knowledge and experience gathered through years of municipal representation is the most comprehensive available.

Real Estate Services
For most people, buying or selling a home will be the largest financial transaction of their lives, often involving years’ worth of a two-income family’s earnings. The process, though, does not have to be stressful. Law Office of Koyer & Miller, PLLC’s attorneys will guide and support you at all stages of your purchase or sale from contract through closing, ensuring that all documentation is properly drafted, executed and timely filed to protect your interest. For other people, buying, selling and leasing commercial or residential property is their business. We provide a wide range of services to protect your investment and help ensure your profitability. We draft and review leases, conduct commercial closings, prosecute and defend commercial and residential landlord/tenant proceedings and, with our civil and commercial litigation services, can help you collect your receivables and boost your bottom line.

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